Documentary film festival 9–11 September

Watch documentary films about Ukraine, Russia and The Soviet Union.

Meet directors from Russia and Ukraine.

Welcome to Kino Öst, a new documentary film festival held in Stockholm from 9-11 September.

In this first edition of Kino Öst the focus is on Ukraine and Russia. Most new documentary films from Russia and Ukraine never reach audiences in the west to the extent that these films deserve. We stage Kino Öst in an effort to change that!

In different ways, arenas for documentary film in Russia and Ukraine are presently experiencing great changes. Independent film makers in Russia live under increasing pressure from the state, and the possibilities to work have greatly deteriorated for film makers and those in the film industry who voice their criticism. In spite of these difficulties, high quality documentary films continue to be produced in Russia.

In Ukraine a new wave of documentary film making has emerged. The war and the existential threat posed to the country seems to have paved the way for increased creativity. Many young film makers explore new ideas and make films of artistic originality. Frequent among them are depictions of every-day life – although often set against the backdrop of war.

In our selection we hope to demonstrate the multifaceted nature of contemporary Ukrainian and Russian documentary film making – from powerful journalistic stories to poetic portrayals, united in their profound creative ambition. We wish to support documentary films that are innovative and artistically thought-provoking.