Kino Öst

“Always look the world straight in the eye!” With this maxim, borrowed from renowned French film critic Andre Bazin, we are pleased to launch the Kino Öst film festival. Kino Öst shows documentary film from and about the countries that were part of the Soviet Union. With a wide selection of films – covering high politics and conflict as well as everyday life – we wish to reflect, and invite you to reflect on, the current changes taking place in our neighbouring countries to the east.

The Kino Öst film festival is organized by the Dialog Öst group. With this film festival and other projects, Dialog Öst wishes to provide opportunities for audiences in Sweden to see topical and high quality documentary film, and get a chance to learn more about the political, cultural and moral currents of the post-soviet world. In addition, we aspire to support film makers from these countries and the prospects for their work reaching a wider audience.

Furthermore, it is our ambition to expand and establish new areas of interaction between civil society in Sweden and the countries that we focus on.

We invite film makers to present their productions and tell their stories directly to the audience.

We put our faith in the language of the cinema, which in one accurately grasped image, can reflect a multitude of voices.